• North Western France Coalfields Geoheritage Network
    Since 2016, a small team of professionals supported by local amateurs and communities have been conserving geological sites of importance within the coalfields. The area has had a long history of intensive industrial activity built on the natural geological resources, however much of the above ground evidence of this past has fallen into a state of neglect or has simply vanished. Aided by modern recording technologies we are undertaking digitally conservation of the sites—allowing today's and future generations to experience these important local geoheritage resources.
  • South Wales Coalfield Community Geoheritage Network
    Since 2006, the British Institute for Geological Conservation (BIGC) has been developing and interpreting geological sites within the coalfield. In a bid to ensure sustainability and longevity of the work, each project has been developed in collaboration with the local communities. This community based approach has allowed us to raise the profile of geoheritage sites, and provide enhanced protection and management for some of the most important and vulnerable sites.